Understanding Bullying in the Digital Age

By Tisha Bernard

Remember the telephone game? One person at the end of the line whispers a word or phrase into the ear of the person standing next to them. 

We're a long way from that now. There are new games that young people are playing these days that are similar, but through technology. And sometimes they can be deadly. 

Get Schooled on very real cyber-bullying.  Because your kids are.

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Tisha Marina
Strategies for Communicating Effectively With A Child That’s Being Bullied

by Tisha Bernard

Rushing down to the school, Rosie met with the principal and Sasha. It turned out Sasha was in a fight but she was not the instigator, she was the one being beat up. Both Rosie and the principal discovered that Sasha had been harassed on a daily basis by three girls since the start of the school year.

hey called her names, followed her around at school, started rumors about her and threatened they would beat her up. Today was the day the threat became real.

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Tisha Marina