Parent Feedback

What do you feel your child gained from I Choose Peace Academy?

  • "A stronger sense of self, peace within herself and a more peaceful attitude at home."
  • "A broader experience of people having different experiences. A better ability to express and talk things out."
  • "He is more understanding and compassionate about the world around him. The other night he was teaching his little sister a mantra for inner peace after she had a meltdown."
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Student Feedback

"Hi, my name is Dominik and I am a former student of Ms.Tisha. I have had an amazing time working with her and I would recommend her for anything. She is a great person with a great heart and understands everything we students and teenagers go through at home and school because she has gone through it herself. You can learn a lot from this woman and she can help anyone with any problem and I know because she helped me! After coming to our school and training us on peace, there has been a huge difference in our school society. The percentage of students who feel the need to do bad things to themselves has dropped a huge amount and as students are working hard to keep it that way. She is the best person and trainer you could ever meet. I know because she changed my life and school!"

Student: Dominik Scott DePrez, age 14

"Hi Tisha! I was in the program for 3 years and you were our leader each year. I will never forget what you taught me. You are very inspirational and I remember absolutely everything you said about the power we have to make a change even if we are just students. I continue to use all the skills you taught us for peace and they have allowed me to accomplish a lot so far. Thank you for everything."

Student: Lexia Olivass, age 12