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I Choose Peace INpowerment
Coaching Program

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I Choose Peace Academy INpowerment Coaching is a gift you give to your child that empowers them as a young leader with the courage, compassion, and leadership skills to create peace within themselves and their peers.  Your child will learn how to take their power back to stand up for themselves and others so they can wake up in the morning looking forward to school, not afraid of it. Parents hire coaches to help their children with their academic studies, so why not hire me to coach your child to become Bully Proof?
For the last decade I have traveled the nation teaching in schools as a Bully Prevention Specialist. I see first hand the life damaging bullying and mistreatment that is taking place on a daily basis. It is through this experience that I know what young people are going through and the solutions they are seeking and needing.
Because of my own experience with bullying, I decided to offer a different way of living to young people because they deserve to know that they don’t have to live in pain and anguish. There is a solution, and I Choose Peace INpowerment Coaching is it.


Program Content:

I Choose Peace coaching sessions are designed specifically to an individual’s needs. Each participant will be lovingly guided through each session with the following options that can be customized depending on your child's and family's needs.

  • Tools to identify different types of bullying
  • Tools to understand and handle cyber bullying situations
  • Confidence and self esteem building activities
  • Role-playing
  • The skills to turn personal weaknesses into strengths
  • Meditation
  • Personal positive affirmations to remain positive in challenging times
  • A foundation for social skills and relationship building skills
  • Body language techniques to promote confidence
  • Self defense techniques
  • Hooping, yoga and other physical exercises to explore channeling negative energy in positive ways

What does I Choose Peace INpowerment Coaching look like?

1:1 in-person sessions at your home or via Skype

3 one-hour sessions per month
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1 month, 6 month, & 8 month packages available.

Why is this important
and necessary?

Kids deserve to feel safe and protected when they go to school. Young people deserve to know they are important and belong in this world.

Department of Education states that most parents of bullied children have no idea about the anguish their sons and daughters are enduring because the kids aren't talking. They're ashamed to admit it because they think it's a sign of weakness, and they want to handle it themselves. Only 30-40% of students who are bullied tell adults or authorities about their situations.


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